Record methuselah pattern found in Conway’s Game of Life

It happened right here, in the East Wing of our Useful Dreams Laboratories ! Using Nathaniel Johnston’s Online Life-Like CA Soup Search Python scripts, and the previously featured superbly versatile cellular automata program Golly, one of our carefully overclocked PCs stumbled upon the pattern below, which has a life span of 31,192 generations. Such patterns […]

Rapid Environment Editor

If you are doing any kind of serious software development on any flavor of Windows, you will have several SDKs and libraries installed, the installers (or manual installation instructions) of which typically add a bunch of paths and other essentials to Window’s permanent environment variables. To sort these all out, the freeware utility Rapid Environment […]

The Game Of Life

If you like playing with cellular automata as much as I do, check out this magnificent Open Source project named Golly at And consider joining me in nominating it for a SourceForge’s 2009 Community Choice Award:


Python 3.1

As a VTune jockey with firm roots in assembly programming, I’m naturally skeptical about relatively slow, interpreted high-level languages, yet I’ve been warming to Python. There are many cases where the savings in time and frustration from being able to clearly express complicated algorithms are worth the trade-off in clock cycles. And I have great […]