web-based bittorrenting

So the other day I was getting annoyed with hassle of bittorrents, VPN and the struggle for privacy online, and thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if I could just do this in the cloud.”  Turns out someone else thought of it – and made it a free service (with upgrade options for more space and more than 1 download in parallel.)
Check out https://www.seedr.cc/ – they give you 2 Gigabytes of cloud storage for free  after signing up. You setup your torrent, and forget it- then come back at any time and download the completed file at your full ISP speed, over a secure https connection. No opening up your personal internet connection to the bittorrent network, and implicitly advertising your IP address to hundreds of strangers; no need for a VPN to ensure privacy. This is the future of bittorrent clients, in my opinion.

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