Hullabalooza III

Some cool folks we met at a local music festival this weekend had this design on a T-shirt. They may have been the ones that actually started the meme as they mentioned scanning it from a book.

How to resuscitate a lizard

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  • Andrea Reyes

    I would like to discuss the origin of this random instructive image.
    My brother, one of the original San Francisco queer atheist misfit geniuses of this world, who passed away at the age of 57 in 2009, discovered this “page” in the 70’s. I don’t know it’s origin but it was circulating around San Fran at the time by a group of anarchists called the San Francisco Suicide Club, of which my brother was a member. Look it up if you are interested. My brother had a trove of typewritten correspondence between its members which I donated to the San Francisco Main Library. They are on file there. BTW this group also credited themselves as starting Burning Man in the 60’s. Some of these people are still alive but probably nobody cares. If you want to know more contact me. I like what you are doing here. Andrea Reyes in Philadelphia.

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