CATHY – a great free file catalog program

For years I’ve been looking for a fast program to index my growing collection of external drives and backup optical discs.  All that most people need for this is filename-searching and explorer-style browsing the off-line drives and DVD/CD-roms – no fancy content- or thumbnail-indexing  or mp3-embedded information searches, just a list of folders and filenames, sizes and dates. Programs like Google Desktop Search and Windows’ own indexing searchers fail because they are slow and not designed to work with removable drives.

The best solution IMHO is to use CATHY, written by Robert Vasicek.  It is an ultra-simple freeware program which is lean and fast – searches are nearly instant, and indexing rarely takes more than thirty seconds even for terabytes of files – and it indexes any volume or folder you want, digesting it into a separate, small .caf catalog file which you can move to any folder, put a copy of “cathy.exe”  along with it, and everything just works, no install process required. The interface is simple and can seem a little quirky at first glance, but believe me it’s a trade-off worth making.

It can be found via the Author’s website

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